Baby Shower Games for Baby Shower Fun!

Our unique baby shower games set the party mood for fun! From Great Aunt Bea to Mom-to-be you’ll find a game for everyone. Choose games you can print now or games shipped to your door – baby shower planning made easy!

The Conception Game!


Life begins in this hilarious game of chance. Will a sperm find the waiting egg? It’s anyone’s guess while blind-folded players try to match the anxious “sperm” with the elusive egg!

Print and play immediately after ordering! Create the poster-sized game from four easy-to-print game pieces. Easy-to-follow instructions included.

P U! Is that You?!


Who’s wearing the stinky diaper? Pin one of these adorable cards on each guest as they arrive. Later have everyone scratch ‘n sniff their babies’ diaper. Every diaper will have a fresh baby powder scent but one lucky “winner” will have the unmistakable “baby pooh ” scented card!

16 game cards included – 15 baby powder fresh cards and 1 “baby pooh” winning card. Choose baby girl or boy image!

Fun breaks out as everyone will want to smell the stinky “winning” card!

Famous TV Moms Game


We all know who Beaver Cleaver’s mom was. or do we? Who can recall the names of the great mothers on these TV shows! Two versions are included!

Famous TV Dads


A great game when Dads are at the shower! Mom’s can play the FAMOUS TV MOMS game while dads try and figure out just who Beaver’s Dad was! Or have group of dads compete against group of moms! Two versions are included!

Date that Toy Game


Players try and match each of these classic toys with the year it was introduced. A short historical hint is also provided. Another great one for the Dads to play!

Deluxe Baby Shower Collection


This collection of printable baby shower items includes our entire library of everything in our printable baby shower category (just keep scrolling down and onto the next pages to see the individual item descriptions). More than 300 games, invitations, name tags, placemats and activities for baby showers! You are paying less than 10 cents per item when you buy this collection!