Bridal Shower Games for Bridal Shower Fun!

Forget the same old shower games – we’ve got a better idea! Our game collections are unique and new for games that really get the party started! Try the hilarious “Duds & Studs Game” or the titillating”Pin the “Manhood” on the Man” game! Games you can print now or ship to your door – bridal shower planning made easy!

Duds and Studs Hubby!


Will your Hubby be a dud or a stud? Guest will burst-out laughing as they scratch-off their hubby card to find out.

There are 15 duds and 1 winning stud in this scratch-off game of chance!

“Pin the “Manhood” on the Man!”


In this adult version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, players pin the “manhood” on the man! This game is so hilarious – even the most “proper” guest will have fun playing. The curtain is pulled back to reveal all in this giggle-inducing game!

This print & play game prints in four sections from your printer! “Manhood” cut-out pieces also included with options for modest or racy game pieces to accommodate your crowd.

Famous TV Husbands


Looking for a couples shower game? The guys can get into this one as everyone guesses the TV show husband in this print and play game.

Famous TV Dads


A great game when Dads are at the shower! Mom’s can play the FAMOUS TV MOMS game while dads try and figure out just who Beaver’s Dad was! Or have group of dads compete against group of moms! Two versions are included!

Famous TV Wives


Great for coed parties! Women play this while men compete playing Famous TV Husbands. There have been plenty of famous television wives over the years. Find out who knows them best as players try to name these TV characters!

Name that Tool!


Men love to talk tools! Let’s see who knows the most about these various tools. You might be surprised at the names of some of these! Try this one with the guys at a coed shower.