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Christmas Crowds - Get the party started with these unique Christmas party games sure to please your crowd!

Fun Christmas Party Games - Christmas party games will get your holiday gathering off to a great start! Whether your hosting the family get-togther, planning the office Christmas party or having the gang over for some Christmas cheer, you'll find the best selection of Christmas games here!

Office Christmas Party Games - These party games will get your co-workers in the holiday spirit! A great variety of games to please your office gang -- from hilarious holiday fun to brain teasers and everything in between. Group games for playful competition between company departments! Which team knows their Christmas trivia, holiday tunes or famous Christmas movies? Find out as your office celebrates a little holiday cheer with these great office Christmas party games!

Adult Christmas Party Games - Get your gang in the festive spirit and keep the party going! Who's been naughty? Who was doing what the night before Christmas? Party games designed for adults. Games and ideas to make your Holiday party one to remember!

Kids Christmas Party Games - Party games will delight the little ones on your guest list! Perfect for the family get-together or the class room Christmas party! This selection of kids Christmas party games will keep them laughing and entertained. Who knows the names of all Santa's reindeer? Who can pin the star on the tree? A huge selection of holiday party games for kids!


Christmas & Holiday Celebrations - Hints, Tips & Stories

Holiday Parties -- Plan a Merry Event!
Who can resist the joys of the holiday season all the decorations, traditions, contagious cheer and endless parties! If the holiday spirit has swayed you into hosting a Christmas party you've come to the right place! With a little planning you can host a memorable Holiday soiree that will be remembered long into the new year!

Christmas Celebrations -- How did They Begin?
There's no doubt that Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in America. But how did the Christmas celebration begin? This look at Christmas from it's origins to the celebrations of today reveals an informative and eye-opening look at this popular holiday.

Decorating the Tree -- Who Decorated the First One?
Family gatherings, decorations and gifts make the holiday season special. In many homes, the holiday season includes the Christmas tree decked in all its glory. Often, decorating the tree is a traditional event shared by the whole family. But how did this tradition start? Who decorated the first Christmas tree and why?

The Office Christmas Party -- Good, Bad and Downright Ugly!
The office Christmas party - the annual event that causes normally mature and sane professionals to drink outrageous amounts of alcohol, dance seductively on tables, engage in grotesque public displays of affection and voice shocking revelations that would surely have been better kept private. While half of us would rather skip it, 95% of employees feel that skipping the corporate shindig could have a negative effect on their careers. No matter where you fall in your opinion of the annual event read these tips on how to survive it.

Christmas Fun - Is that You Santa?
We all now the jolly old guy who lives at the North Pole with a bunch of hard working elves--right? I mean Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without him! But just how did this jolly old character come to be? Why does he where a red suit and fly around with eight reindeer? How did he come to live in the North pole with all those elves?


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