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Christmas games will get your Christmas party off to a great start! Whether your hosting the family get-together, planning the office Christmas party or having the gang over for some Christmas cheer, you'll find the best selection of Christmas games here!

A huge selection of holiday party games for kids and adults!

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Sexy Santa Bookmark Game
Santa's got a hidden secret! Everyone gets a Santa bookmark with a peel-off label. One lucky winner will reveal Santa's hidden secret - sexy Santa briefs!

Fun breaks out as everyone will want to see the "winning" Santa in his sexy briefs!



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Christmas Fun - Is that You Santa?

We all now the jolly old guy who lives at the North Pole --right? I mean Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without him! But just how did this jolly old character come to be?
find out here...


Name that Christmas Tune!
You can sing the lyrics but can you name that tune? Some are easy. Others aren't as easy as you'd think! Fun for all ages!

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Who has the Stinky Elf?

One of Santa's elves works in the reindeer barn - PU!

During your event give everyone a festive bookmark as a party favor. Later have everyone scratch 'n sniff it. Every bookmark will have a scent but only one lucky "winner" will have the winning scent - stinky reindeer manure!

Fun breaks out as everyone will want to smell the "winning" scent.

You can even personalize the keepsake bookmarks with your own text if you like. Something like "Smith's Holiday Party 2008" or "Acme Corp. Holiday Party"


Christmas Hollywood Style!!
Everyone loves Christmas movies! This game will challenge the movie buffs in the crowd.

Two game versions included to double your fun. New movies and the classics too, a great game the whole gang can enjoy!

Movies include:
Christmas Vacation
It's a Wonderful Life
Santa Clause is Coming to Town and lots more popular holiday flicks!

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Where in the World is Santa Clause?
When in the United States, he's usually referred to as Santa Clause but if you were in France or England what do people call him? Who can match the correct country with the correct names for Santa?

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The 12 Days of Christmas!
My true love gave to me... Was it 2 geese a milking, 6 ladies dancing; and what was in the tree? Lot's of cheer figuring out this one!

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Christmas Birthdays!
We all know one historical person who was born on December 25th but there are lots of other famous people also born on Christmas Day! Given clues, see who can name them!

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Christmas Trivia!
Who doesn't love trivia games! Choose from 7 versions, each with different questions. From songs, to movies, to traditions, you'll find over 100 Christmas trivia questions in this set of games! Can also be played like trivial pursuit!

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Christmas Raffle Tickets!
Everyone loves the chance to win a raffle. Designate one or more prize winners per raffle. Great for large groups!

Raffles tickets for kids too!

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Holiday Printable Collection

The Christmas Bonanza. A variety of Christmas games sure to please your crowd. Great for groups of all ages.

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