Kids Christmas Party Games

Kids Christmas party games will delight the little ones on your guest list! Perfect for the family get-together or the class room Christmas party! This selection of kids Christmas party games will keep them laughing and entertained. Who knows the names of all Santa’s reindeer? Who can pin the star on the tree? A huge selection of holiday party games for kids!

Pin the Nose on Rudolph!


This one is great for the little ones! Rudolph is missing his famous signature feature. Kids will love putting the bright red nose on this adorable Rudolph!

Played just like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” This game easily prints on 2 letter size pages. Rudolph’s noses included, print as many as you need!

Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree!


Just like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” redesigned for Christmas.This poster sized game prints in minutes on 9 letter sized paper sheets. Just tape the sheets together and play! Stars included in print out. A great classroom activity.

Build a Holiday Mystery- Santa!


A great game for the classroom or family gatherings! Perfect for the littlest non-readers. Up to 28 players can play!

Santa is separated into 28 square pieces. Mix up the squares and pass them out. Kids “build” the mystery poster by adding their square piece to the poster-sized puzzle. Use on a wall or table-top.

Kids will delight in watching the mystery poster take shape! All game pieces are sent pre-cut for you. Just put up the guide poster and pass out the Holiday mystery cards!

Santa’s Nose & Toes


Given these fun little word clues, see who can figure out the names of these common parts of Santa Clause! Kids love this Christmas game!

Happy Birthday Jesus!


A game for children to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. The game asks questions from the bible all about Jesus and the first Christmas.

Christmas Raffle Tickets!


Get all the kids involved. Everyone gets a chance to win. Each ticket has a unique number Order as many Tickets as needed. Great for large groups!