Office Christmas Party Games

Office Christmas party games will get your co-workers in the holiday spirit! A great variety of games to please your office gang — from hilarious holiday fun to brain teasers and everything in between. Group games for playful competition between company departments! Which team knows their Christmas trivia, holiday tunes or famous Christmas movies? Find out as your office celebrates a little holiday cheer with these great office Christmas party games!

Sexy Santa Bookmark Game


Santa’s got a hidden secret! Everyone gets a Santa bookmark with a peel-off label. One lucky winner will reveal Santa’s hidden secret – sexy Santa briefs!

Christmas at the Movies


Fill in the blank or match the movie title to a clue! Two great versions of the Christmas movie game. A great game for playful competition!

Date that Toy?


Players try and match each of these classic toys with the year it was introduced. You’d be surprised how many toys you’ll remember! A great Christmas party game!

Office “Naughty List Notification” from Santa! (for adults)


You enter the recipients name and a list of four reasons they’re on Santa’s Naughty List. The letter generates instantly, ready to print! Print out looks just like the sample letter!

Silly Christmas Carol!


Players will be asked for a few simple words but little do they know, they will be used to create their own hilarious version of Jingle Bells! Have each player sing their lyrics in front of the crowd!

Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Bookmark


This fun game is always a hit! Someone will have the “winning” bookmark. Scratch ‘n sniff to find the winner. Every bookmark will have a scent but the lucky “winner” will have the winning scent. Winning scents can be hilarious reindeer manure or candy cane (you choose the winning scent and number of “winners”).

Fun breaks out as everyone will want to smell the “winning” scent.

Christmas Calculations!


For the brainiacs in the crowd. This hilarious game is great for for teams. Have people play in small groups and see who can correctly calculate these crazy holiday story problems the fastest! The answers have to be correct to win!

Who has the Stinky Elf?


One of Santa’s elves works in the reindeer barn – PU!

During your event give everyone a festive bookmark as a party favor. Later have everyone scratch ‘n sniff it. Every bookmark will have a scent but only one lucky “winner” will have the winning scent – stinky reindeer manure!